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1st Colonial Grill: Ready for the Volcano Sili Ice Cream Challenge?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Food

If you are up for some spicy food challenge then you should try 1st Colonial Sili Ice Cream.

We saw a 1st Colonial Grill branch while we were in Tagaytay.

Even though we were already full (from eating some of Tagaytay’s best foods like their special bulalo and mushroom burger), we could not pass up the chance to take on the challenge of eating 1st Colonial’s sili ice cream!

The sili ice cream has 3 levels of spiciness.

We requested to have all 3 spicy levels in a single order – one scoop for each.

Aside from the chili ice cream, we ordered 1st colonial’s version of La Paz Bachoy and their sisig pasta.

Of course, we requested our sili ice cream to be served last as a dessert. 😀

The Lapaz batchoy was served with pork laman, liver and ginger bits.

You can also order it with an egg: either raw or boiled.

For the sisig pasta, they are right when they said, “Sisig Pasta, Pwede pala”.

The sisig pasta is quite similar to pesto’s oiliness but their pasta version is not too much which I prefer.

The crunchiness of the pork is also perfect together with the spices used.

Overall, I like it.

Since we already finished up our lapaz bachoy and sisig pasta, we asked for our chili ice cream to be served. This is it!

The 1st spiciness level was surprisingly sweet but you’ll get a hint of the chili flavor as after taste.

1st level = CHECK!

The 2nd spiciness level was still sweet, which was similar to the first one, but you will now start to taste the spiciness few seconds after you put the ice cream in your mouth.

Since I am a spicy lover, the second level was still tolerable. 😀

2nd level = CHECK!

On to the 3rd spiciness level…

It’s a bomb! Just as soon as the ice cream landed on my tongue I tasted the chili flavor right away.

The chili flavor had a taste that I can’t describe.

We also noticed that at room temperature, the 3rd level sili ice cream melted quicker than the first two.

It took me quite awhile to finish it off but I still managed. 😀

3rd level = CHECK!

So what’s the challenge you say?

They actually have another level of spiciness!

The Volcano Challenge involves this 4th level.

The challenge is to finish three scoops of volcano ice cream (4th level) in 30 seconds.

If you manage to accomplish the task, you will receive a gift from them or a GC.

To make it more humane (hehehe), they’ll provide fresh milk during the challenge.

See how red the 4th level is:

Did we take on the challenge?

Of course.. not! hahaha

I was already full from all the food that we ate so I don’t think I’ll be able to accomplish the challenge.

Maybe next time… but I’ll need to prepare for it 😀

Special thanks and shoutout to the very accomodating staff of 1st Colonial Tagaytay branch.


How about you, will you take on the Volcano challenge?

Let us know in the comment section below!