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Seoul Garden SM North Review: Hotpot and Korean Grill Buffet in One!

by | Dec 2, 2018 | Food

So it is the time of the year again that is really special to me – my birthday. 🙂

I was not sure how to spend my birthday until I came up with two options.

First option was to celebrate my birthday in Batangas.

I found a really cool place where I could stay and spend my birthday.

The second option was to dine in together with my family and take advantage of birthday promos from buffet restaurants.

To make the long story short, I chose the second option.

I limited the venue to SM North and Trinoma because it was more convenient for us.

I also avoided food places that have long travel time as we have kids and some elders with us.

The malls I mentioned were perfect since I also needed to buy some stuff for my daughter.

I am thankful to Google as it was really helpful in providing me the restaurants in SM North or Trinoma that offer special promos for birthday celebrants.

From the buffet options, I gathered my top choices. So here they are with the qualifications when availing the promo:

My Top Choices of Buffet Restaurants that offer Birthday Promos in SM North and Trinoma


  • Birthday celebrants can eat for free on the day of their birthday as long as accompanied by 1 full paying adult.
  • Birthday celebrants can eat for free on any day of his/her birth month as long accompanied by 4 paying adult.


  • Birthday celebrants can eat for free on any day of his/her birth month as long accompanied by 3 paying adult.


  • Birthday celebrants can eat for free on the day during their birth month as long as accompanied by 3 full paying adult.


Since I already tried Vikings and Yakimix before on other occasions, I was left with the Seoul Garden option.

Seoul Garden Buffet looks interesting and I am wondering how it will turn out. Let’s see! 🙂

The Seoul Garden Hotpot Buffet Experience

If you are looking for a Korean restaurant and wants to enjoy unlimited samgyeopsal then you should try Seoul Garden – a Korean restaurant with a twist!

Seoul Garden is a restaurant that serves authentic Korean cuisine.

They offer unlimited Korean barbeque or Sam Gyeopsal, unlimited sea food for hot pot or shabu shabu, unlimited side dishes, desserts, drinks and some unlimited authentic Korean dishes too.

We all know that here in the Philippines, there are a lot of Korean restaurants that offer unlimited meat and side dish.

Typically, the waiter will serve all the meat in your table and you may order for additional meat as much as you want.

Just like when we had our lunch at KPub The Fort.

Seoul Garden is kind of different.

You do not need a waiter to serve the food on your table.

Instead, you have the liberty to pick the food from the selection.

You have the control over the quantity of food and can decide how frequent you want to get an additional meat or dish.

No more “hiya” moment if you want to order samgyeopsal every time you want it!

It is like – as long as you want, get what you want (until the time ticks off)! 😀

Thus, Seoul Garden adds an extra twist by adapting the style of a buffet restaurant – the self-service cherry picking of meat or other dish.

While waiting for your grilled meat, you can grab some rice or other Korean dishes.

These dishes include Korean style fried chicken, Korean sisig, japchae and more.

Of course, it is will not be complete if there is no kimchi.

Here’s another twist.

Seoul Garden also has unlimited shabu shabu or hot pot right at your table.

If you want to take a break from grilling and eating Korean barbeque, you can then cook and enjoy their hot pot.

You can choose from free flowing unlimited seafood, meat balls, squid balls, vegetables and more.

It was my first time to experience this kind of combination that Seoul Garden offers and I am liking it.

I was with my parent in laws when we dined in here, their appetite leans more on soupy foods.

Though, they also wanted to try samgyeopsal.

True enough, they enjoyed the hotpot while also being able to experience what samgyeopsal taste like.

Seoul Garden brings to the table that 2 in 1 experience.

So if you are treating your parents or some elders, you might want to consider Seoul Garden.

They offer variations that could satisfy both you and your parent’s taste buds.

I could say that with the experience and food quality – it is really a good deal!

What I also appreciate during our stay in Seoul Garden is that I do not have to waive and grab the attention of the waiter to come and assist me.

Confusion about Seoul Garden

I read on some posts and feedbacks that Seoul Garden have fewer choices compared to other buffet restaurants.

Just like them, I initially thought of comparing Seoul Garden with buffet restaurants like Yakimix, Vikings, Sambo Kojin and Dads.

Those mentioned buffet restaurants also offer unlimited food but Seoul Garden is not in the exact same league or “category”.

Those restaurants offer multiple cuisine and specialty thus enabling them to offer more food choices.

Seoul Garden, from the name itself, is a Korean restaurant that offers unlimited samgyeopsal and side dish.

For me, the right comparison is with KPub, Samgyupsalamat or Romantic Baboy where it is mainly themed on Korean cuisine.

Seoul Garden SM North Edsa: How is the Place and Ambiance?

The design of the place is quite nice.

I like that they also included long soft chairs as oppose to single mono block chairs.

My daughter felt more relax as she was not restricted with it.

As becoming a standard with buffet restaurants, they also have their own comfort room.

Will be handy if you need to……. 😀

For the grill, I find the space to grill quite small and crowded as compared with other Korean restaurant’s grills.

Of course, this is understandable since the hotpot occupies the central void space of the griller.

Though, it could be better if it was bigger. 😀

When it comes to the ambiance, I think they do not have a good exhaust system.

Imagine if all the available grills were being used, the place will be filled with smoke.

For the staff, they are accommodating and helpful but it would be much better if there were more of them.

I could only imagine the waiting time that a customer would experience if only few staff are on shift especially during peak hours.

Seoul Garden Menu Buffet

Here are some of the food choices in the Seoul Garden menu when we dined in.

For Grill

  • Samgyeopsal or pork belly strips
  • non spicy bulgogi
  • spicy bulgogi chicken
  • spicy honey chicken
  • asian barbeque pork
  • spicy bulgogi pork
  • tapa pork
  • tocino pork
  • pork longganisa
  • non spicy dory
  • spicy dory
  • black pepper dory
  • spicy squid
  • non spicy squid
  • black pepper squid

For Hotpot

  • shrimp
  • sea food like clam, tahong
  • meat balls, squid balls, etc.
  • vegetable for hot pot

Hot pot soup base choices. The description below came from Seoul Garden menu.

  • Kimchi Jjiage – fiery hot, hearty and full of flavor!
  • Thai Tom Yam – incredibly tasty Thai soup that soothes and uplifts the spirit and the body
  • Chinese herbal – traditional Chinese recovery soup. This soup can boost blood circulation.
  • Chicken soup – great tasking chicken stock.
  • Sinigang soup – traditional Filipino stew of seafood and vegetables, with a strong tamarind flavor.

Other Korean Dish

  • Korean fried chicken
  • garlic honey chicken
  • Korean style sisig
  • japchea
  • Korean maki and sushi
  • kimchi
  • plain and fried rice


  • vegetable salad
  • desserts like ice cream salad
  • softdrinks and juice

Seoul Garden Price

They have two sets of prices: one for weekdays and the other during weekends or holidays.

Also note that these prices are for their SM North Branch.

I’m not sure though what the prices are for their other branches.

Of course, these prices may change depending on Seoul Garden’s discretion.

As a reference, these prices are taken as of November 30, 2018.

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)


  • Adult: 659
  • Student: 479
  • Child under 4ft: 349
  • Child below 100cm: FREE

Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)


  • Adult: 699
  • Student: 529
  • Child (under 4ft): 349
  • Child below 100cm: FREE

Take note that students should bring their school IDs or school registration card.

Another important reminder is that the prices listed above are still subject to 6% service charge.

If you have a little kid with you, before you dine in, they will first check if the child is below 100cm in their measuring guide.

If they are, their meal is free!

Just few more months and my 3 year old daughter will then be a paying customer.

She is growing up fast. Should I be happy or not?  🙂

Seoul Garden Buffet Birthday Promo

Seoul Garden SM North Birthday Promo offers a birthday celebrant free buffet on any day during their birth month as long as they are accompanied by 3 paying adults.

So you just need to invite 3 of your friends or family members to dine with you in Seoul Garden SM North.

Take note that the 3 people that you will bring should be paying the adult price.

If you are accompanied with either a student or a child, it will not be considered.

Of course, do not forget to bring one valid ID that has your birth date.

Seoul Garden Big Group Big Savings Promo

Seoul Garden SM North also offers a promo for big groups.

You can get 2 FREE buffet for every group of 12 paying adults.

Thus, the group will be able to save P1,336.00

For big groups, Seoul Garden allows reservations: just call their telephone number: +(632) 239 3264.

Seoul Garden Outlets / Branches in the Philippines

Searching online, I am seeing three locations for Seoul Garden.

Although, I can only confirm their branch in SM North.

Moreover, the two other Seoul Garden branches seems to be not a buffet type restaurant.

Anyway, here are the Seoul Garden outlets / branches:

Seoul Garden (Buffet)

  • Telephone Number: (632) 355 4007
  • Address: Unit AX1 225-226, 2nd Floor The Annex 1, SM City North Edsa, Quezon City Philippines

Seoul Garden HotPot (Ala Carte)

  • Telephone Number: (046) 543 0627
  • Tagaytay Location Address: Level 1 Unit 8 Ayala Mall Serin Silang Crossing East Tagaytay City
  • Cavite Location Address: Unit 105 Level 1 Promenade The District Imus Daang Hari Road corner Aguinaldo Highway Anabu II-D, Imus City Cavite 4103

Other Seoul Garden Contact Information

Here are the other contact information of Seoul Garden if you are interested to check them out or reach out to them:

  • Website: (being upgraded)*
  • Facebook:
  • For Feedback:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Other Telephone Number: (632) 239 3264

*About their website, there is a note that it is being upgraded and that their temporary website is