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The Hills are Indeed Alive at the Sound of Music Musical

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Lifestyle

Are you into theatre musical?

The London West End production of The Sound of Music Musical is in Manila!

The beloved classic hits The Theater at Solaire this October, with music and lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The musical brings about happy childhood memories of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Let me give you a background, very quick! 🙂

The Sound of Music Musical is the story of Maria, a nun who seems to be causing trouble because she is not able to keep up with the rules of the Abbey.

Mother Superior sensed that Maria may have been set for a different path, so she sent her off for a few months to be governess to Captain Von Trapp’s seven children.

The children have a strict and quite sheltered upbringing since their mother passed.

Maria who loves music, teaches them to sing and becomes endeared with the children and Captain Von Trapp as well.

Maria finally realizes her true calling, leaves the Abbey and marries the Captain.

But when the Nazis invade Austria, the Captain is forced to switch sides which he strongly feels against. After joining a talent competition, the whole family escaped and crossed the mountains over to Switzerland for refuge.

–That’s quick right? 🙂

My take…

The musical was a treat – the story, music and lyrics are timeless and beautiful on its own, but the ensemble acting, full orchestra and not-over-the-top set design made the musical extra special.

Maria is played by Carmen Pretorius, who previously played as Liesl von Trapp until she headlined as Maria.

It can be daunting to be compared to the iconic Julie Andrews but Carmen is amazing that she holds her own as Maria.

Captain Von Trapp though is another story – no one can beat Christopher Plummer.

For some reason the Captain here lacks the depth of a stern but loving father.

Edelweiss is supposed to be one the highlights but the Captain falls short with emotion.

It was nice to see young Filipino thespians as Von Trapp children.

Notes were hit and they seemed to be genuinely having fun playing their characters, especially when they sang Do-Re-Mi.

A hands-down favorite would be the nuns – I really felt I was in a church. The doxology was simply exquisite.

And the venue…

This is my first time at the Theater Solaire.

The ambiance is world-class.

The seats are comfortable but can be quite cramped leg-wise if you are tall.

I was seated at the left side, a few rows from the stage.

The acoustics was a bit muffled but just perfect from where I was seating.

I am not so sure though if the audience seated way back would have the same sound experience.


P.S. Given that The Sound of Music is loved by many generations, I understand that this can evoke deep feelings and one can’t help but sing along. A gentle reminder to us theater goers, you are in a musical not a videoke place, so let’s leave the singing to the professionals.